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Pulled Stainless Steel Tees, Pipe and Manifolds

Pulled Stainless Steel Tees, Pipe and Manifolds

RFS has a hydraulic extrusion machine to cope with branches from 10mm up to 100mm and can extruded at any angle on thin wall pipe up to 100mm OD with a maximum length of 6 meters long.

We not only produce individual equal or reducing tees but multi outlet stainless steel pipe manifolds and headers.

Instead of welding multiple tee's together to achieve manifolds and headers, you can save time and money by extruding multi sized and
angled outlets from a single length of pipe.

Benefits of our method include;

  • Massive cost savings over traditional methods
  • Zero distortion due to no welding or cutting
  • Time saving on welding
  • Completely hygienic
  • No sharp edges
  • No discolouration as the heat-affected zone from welding is removed

Rudd Fabrication Services Hereford supply Pulled Stainless Steel tees, pipes and Stainless Steal Manifolds